Sunday Morning

IMG_2476It can be scary to go to a new place, meet new people and try new things.  We want to take some of the mystery out of worship at St. Matthew Trinity for you.  Below we share some information on how our worship service generally proceeds.


We follow a written bulletin that contains all prayers, songs, readings and is very easy to follow.    Occasionally, we use one of the hymnals.  An asterix next to an item means the congregation should stand for that item.  Pastor offers a “Children’s Sermon” before the regular sermon.  At this time, the children are invited to the front of the church for a special learning opportunity and time to interact with Pastor.


During the Greeting of Peace (The peace of the Lord be with you always) many in the congregation often step out of their pews and speak peace with everyone near and far.  Others are more comfortable just greeting those immediately surrounding their pew. 


All are welcome to receive the nourishment of soul that Jesus offers at the communion table.  Lutherans believe that when we eat the bread and drink the wine in faith, it becomes the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  When receiving the sacrament, people are invited to exit their pew at the center aisle, move to the front of the sanctuary for communion and return to our seats by the side aisle.  If you need to receive communion at your seat, just let the usher know and Pastor will bring it to you.  We offer the traditional wafers and wine, as well as a gluten-free wafer and grape juice option for those who prefer or need those options. Those who have not yet received communion instruction are invited to come forward for a prayer of blessing.


IMG_2465A nursery is available for families with young children who may become restless.  A speaker system allows the supervising adult to continue to hear the service as they are in the nursery with their child.  There is also a changing table in the nursery and in the upstairs bathroom.  An usher can help new families find these resources. 


Come as you are.  Be as you are.   There is a place for you in the family of St. Matthew Trinity. 


We invite you to come hear the Word and be nourished by our Lord.