Sunday Morning


We know that by checking out St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church for worship on a Sunday morning you have taken a risk, and we are so glad you did. As we worship, you will notice a pattern to our prayer. Our worship comes four parts: Gather. Word. Meal. Sending. For some this pattern will appear very familiar, while for others it may be brand new.


As noted just above, one part of our worship service is a meal. While this meal certainly won’t satisfy your physical hunger and can make airline snacks look bountiful, we do believe it is a meal nonetheless. This meal, however, feeds our faith. Each week we celebrate communion at St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church. We break bread and share wine as Jesus’ presence becomes known in, with, and under the meal. We do this 1) because Jesus said to, and 2) because we believe it gives us the forgiveness and strength to better live our faith all week.

We know it’s not our table, and we hear Jesus’ words, “Drink from, all of you; for this is my blood…” (Matthew 26:27) clearly.  This meal is for all of us. As you come to hope, please know that Christ has set a place at his table for you.